Estate Planning in Washington, IL

Estate Planning in Washington, IL

Lawyers have specialties. Laws vary from state to state and can be difficult for the average person to interpret. Black, Black & Brown specializes in estate planning at our Washington, Illinois location. We believe estate planning needs to consider all aspects of a family situation, and your financial situation, to create a strategy for how your property and assets will be distributed and managed in the event of your death or disability.

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What is Considered Part of My Estate?

  • Real Estate

  • Business Interests

  • Cash

  • Life Insurance Death Benefits

  • Retirement Plans

  • Investments

  • Personal Property

Any of these that you own at the time of your death are considered your estate. You can make plans for all these items with the help of an estate planning lawyer.

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Estate Analysis Questionnaire

To make any decisions about your estate, you need the most up-to-date information. That is why we start with the Estate Analysis Questionnaire. This is a place to gather all the information relevant to your estate.

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Our Process

Our experienced lawyers have established a clear estate planning process to make it easier for you to focus on all the necessary details. After receiving the completed questionnaire, we meet with you for a first consultation to follow up on any questions we have for you and hear your desires. They will write a first draft for your review. Then the final draft will be made for you to sign. We can assist with any of the work involved including setting up trusts, transferring titles, and documenting beneficiaries.

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Expert Guidance

Planning for your family, property and what will happen when you are gone can be a difficult subject. The complexities of the law and changing tax laws make it more complex if your estate is large.


Contact Black, Black & Brown for guidance in planning your estate in a way that will protect your assets while upholding your final wishes.

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