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Business Law

Black, Black & Brown provides high-quality legal services to businesses of all sizes serving Central, Illinois and the Peoria area. Schedule a conference with an attorney today!

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About Our Business Law Services

Our local team of attorneys has years of experience helping clients navigate the legal complexities of starting, running, and growing a successful business. If you're in need of a trusted legal partner for your business, we're here to help.

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Business Litigation

If you or your business has been sued or threatened with a lawsuit, you need an attorney that understands the litigation process and is willing to fight for you.

Civil suits are fundamentally different from criminal cases. Civil lawsuits are brought by an individual or entity (such as a corporation) rather than by a prosecutor, district attorney, or agent of the state. The remedies sought are generally limited to monetary damages. Our team of business law attorneys is experienced in a wide variety of civil matters, and they are ready to put their experience to work for you.

It is important to have a qualified, skilled attorney who can support your business – whether you’re just starting or have been operating for some time. Black, Black & Brown has the background and experience to be a vital partner to your business in areas including taxation, organization, contract preparation and review, employee relations issues, and succession planning. If you are in need of our business law attorney's wide range of expertise, then contact us today.

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We work to protect your investments and minimize your liability through:

  • Determining and establishing legal structure

  • Protecting intellectual property

  • Addressing business laws and regulations

  • Creating contingency and continuity plans

  • Managing business tax compliance

  • Optimizing human resource policies, contracts, and documentation

  • Protecting interests in negotiations

  • Closing or selling a business

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Should I seek an attorney's service prior to starting my business?

Attorneys are able to provide services to ease the burden and confusion of starting a business regardless of its size. For example, your attorney can help you determine how to legally organize your business, develop partnership agreements, submit trademark registrations, review lease or property/building contracts, etc.

What role does my attorney play in the operations of my business?

It’s the responsibility of your attorney to help protect you and your business throughout day-to-day operations. From dealing with employee contracts and discrepancies to protecting your intellectual property, consult your attorney to understand the implications of state and federal employment, asset protection, and taxation laws on your business.

Do I need an attorney to make a business contract legally binding?

No. For a contract to be legally binding, it requires an agreement and consideration between two parties. However, an attorney can ensure that the contract limits liability and protects your interests.

How can an attorney help me sell my business?

An attorney can guide you through the business transaction. It is important to ensure the proper legal precautions are taken to make the sale of business ownership legally binding and contractually sound.

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