Estate Planning in Peoria, IL

Estate Planning in Peoria, IL

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Ensuring your estate and assets are effectively managed and protected is a critical aspect of planning for the future. Serving the community of Peoria, IL, our adept estate planning attorneys offer customized solutions to secure your estate and execute your wishes. Our approach to estate planning includes drafting essential legal documents to address the distribution of assets and potential legal and tax issues in cases of death or disability.


The Importance of Estate Planning

A comprehensive estate plan is essential for enforcing your directives. It involves creating legally recognized documents to ensure that your wishes are honored by various entities, including financial institutions and government bodies. Key components of our estate planning services include:

  • Wills: Establish an executor to enforce your directives posthumously.

  • Trusts: Effectively manage and protect your assets, ensuring tax-efficient distribution.

  • Power of Attorney: Designate a trusted person to handle your affairs if you become incapacitated.

  • Healthcare Directives: Make known your medical preferences with detailed living wills and healthcare power of attorney.

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Our Estate Planning Process

At Black, Black, and Brown, we tailor your estate plan with a detailed and considerate approach:

  • Comprehensive Estate Assessment: Complete our detailed questionnaire for a complete understanding of your estate.

  • Initial Meeting: We explore your estate planning goals and answer any queries from the questionnaire.

  • Estate Plan Drafting: We draft a customized estate plan, review it with you, and discuss any modifications needed.

  • Finalizing Your Plan: We refine and finalize the documents for your signature.

  • Ongoing Support: We assist in the implementation of your estate plan, including trust funding and asset titling.

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We’re Dedicated to Peoria Residents

Our commitment is to the residents of Peoria, offering guidance and expertise in managing estates and assets. Regardless of your stage in your estate planning journey, we are here to assist.

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